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EyeRate incentivizes your employees to get mentioned in reviews, rebook customers and to sell products

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Digital Wallet
With EyeRate’s digital wallet capabilities, Employees have a centralized place to access their bonus funds. They can hook this wallet up to their google or Apple wallet in a click of a button.
Personal Reviews and Feedback
A bio that is written by you about you is powerful, but not nearly as powerful as a collection of reviews written by hundreds of other people about you. As an employee, create a brag book that is a collection of reviews and feedback written by the customers you help on a daily basis. In turn, leverage this brag book as you progress down your professional journey.
Earning bonuses get employees excited, but we’ve found that Employees are motivated by more than just money. They truly care about what customers are saying and how they are doing relative to their peers. By surfacing customer feedback and performance metrics to your team, watch employee productivity (and your business alike) soar to new heights.

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