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Employee Incentives

We believe in employees over advertisements

Get the team paid fast and keep the engagement alive. Whether you are at your business, home, or on a trip, EyeRate employee incentives keep your team on top of it.

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Trusted by over 1,000 businesses and 10,000 happy employees

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Cash Incentives

Why spend thousands on billboards, ads, and the outdated marketing? Your employees are the best brand ambassadors you can get.



Track your team's success with leaderboards you can share or keep private. Competition helps top performers stand out and helps you identify who needs more training.

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Increase Online Bookings

Your team's popularity will earn them and your business more bookings from new customers. Sit back and watch the schedule fill up.

"Easy implementation process with immediate results. We launched EyeRate across 5 JARS locations in just a few days with no inconvenience at store level. Our staff loves it and our reviews are growing exponentially. JARS highly recommends EyeRate!"

More Product Features

Team Productivity

Team Productivity

Create an All-Star Team



Easy & Effective Marketing

Review Generation

Review Generation

Nothing Beats Word of Mouth

Embedded Reviews

Embedded Reviews

Show Off Your Reviews Anywhere

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