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Some of the biggest automotive franchise locations have increased their revenue by 28%. Are you ready to join them?

  • Track your feedback in real time
  • Build your digital presence in a flash
  • Improve your teams productivity through incentives
  • Get conversions on the sites that matter
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Trusted by the biggest names in automotive

Driven Brands

It's a fact:

EyeRate is the only customer interaction platform that incentivizes your team for their great service.

Bring Your Business into the Future

Click through each feature below to see how we empower your team to make your brand stand out

  • Review Generation
  • Team Productivity
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Employee Incentives
  • Automated Follow Up
  • Embedded Reviews

Improve your SEO instantly by getting real customers to mention your business on the review and social media sites that matter the most.

Review Generation

"The lift in new membership sign-ups has been amazing. We've expanded memberships from 500 to 620 in 3 months and an overall 28% increase in monthly revenue."

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